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Over the Top

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Occasionally (OK, a little more than occasionally), I get a bit carried away. This is one of those times.

Magic Carpet Ride

Dale Chihuly is an iconic glass sculptor. His blown-glass sculptures are nothing short of spectacular. (No one ever accused him of being subtle.) I photographed some of his works at the Chihuly Museum in Seattle, WA recently. In order to fill the frame, I tarted up some photos of his work to intensify the visual experience (as if that were needed).

Indoor Parking

Raleigh-Durham (NC) Airport is a compact, but visual treat; not so much their parking lot. But when superimposed – Bam.

Steeple Chase

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Hillsboro, NC from two different perspectives. Together they better illuminate the experience.

Dawn of Time

This is an assemblage of three photos. I started with a photo of Damascus Church, which lies on Damascus Church Road. (We have a plethora of roads in North Carolina named after the churches to which they lead.) Next is a macro photo of sliced cabbage. Add a picture of my grandson at the aquarium at the Omaha Zoo. All converted to monochrome. And there you have it, The Dawn of Time. Whew!

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