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Coronavirus Interlude (Plague Distraction)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Dorian Gray

Sooner or later we all succumb to the ravages of time. How we perceive ourselves often conflicts with all evidence to the contrary. But does it matter? Ultimately, it is our spirit that is remembered. And only that.

Contra Dance

Sometimes described as New England folk dance or Appalachian folk dance, contra dances can be found around the world, but are most common in the United States.

Two entwined human beings, what could be more uplifting?

Tulip Uplift

Why do tulips give so much pleasure? Yes, indeed they are beautiful, graceful, elegant. But they emerge early in spring and, in one short burst, uplift us from the tethers of a cold, dark winter.


I have the advantage of having an amazing wife, who tends an almost-as-amazing greenhouse, where she raises orchids. I also go to the grocery store occasionally, where – among other things - I buy peppers, in this instance a yellow pepper. Through the magic of digital manipulation, I have managed to graft one of my wife’s phalaenopsis orchids onto one of my peppers, a cross-species hybridization if you will.

Puts a coronavirus to shame.

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1 commentaire

26 avr. 2021

Bob - Love the Pepperazzi sentiment and the image itself. Great capture with a twist, LITERALLY! :) Jax

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