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Updated: Jul 8, 2018


July 7, 2018 -

Across Pamlico County, NC lies part of its history buried, quite literally. Cemeteries, many private, have recorded the passing of generations of its inhabitants. A few of these places have been maintained by subsequent generations, most forgotten by all. But the history lies in plain view...if only we look carefully.

I have lived next to a point of land at the confluence of Gideon and Broad Creeks, which is identified as "Graveyard Point" on old maps. The story goes that this was the last whites-only gravesite in Pamlico County. This I doubt. Another story goes that the individual tombstones were uprooted and thrown into the adjacent waters. This I believe. The ownership of the land, valuable waterfront, has been disputed. While individual markers no longer exist, there now stands an obelisk that lists the names and dates of its eternal inhabitants.

Around the corner lies another cemetery, this one frequented by local inhabitants to this day. It lies on prime waterfront land adjacent Broad Creek, a fine resting place to spend eternity. I have posted some of its sunset views. Magnificent.

Another lies up Orchard Creek Road from Mooring Hitch, where I have lived for two decades. I have never visited this spot, but have passed it often. There exists a tended metal gate that suggests someone still cares.

Looking backward is considered maudlin, but a rearview mirror is of some value, even if we are charging forward at breakneck speed. Recording this phenomenon - commemorating the dead - is of some cultural value. It would be valuable to record this history photographically...I think.

Here is my first contribution.


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