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A Physicist's Heart

July 16, 2018 -


There was a time not so long ago when “global warming” was a hot topic, so to speak. We were told that the earth’s temperature was increasing at an “alarming” rate and we had but a small window of opportunity to stem this avoidable disaster, if only we acted NOW ( We were told that Man-made atmospheric CO2 was to blame and we had to stop burning fossil fuels NOW, the economic consequences of that action be damned. The photograph above “proves” this assertion.

Not everyone signed onto this program, however. So then the global-warming alarmists rebranded their fear campaign as “climate change”. Under this rubric, not only were sea levels rising, but the frequency of extreme weather – floods, drought, fire, cold spells, you name it - were predicted to increase. Apparently, the situation had become dire.

Still, not everyone jumped onto the bandwagon, and those of us who did not believe the trilogy of “climate change” – evil Man burning fossil fuels, impending climate Armageddon, electric cars to the rescue – were labeled as “climate-change deniers”. The similarity of this label to “Holocaust deniers” cannot be denied. (Very clever analogy, that.)

Recently, the climate disasterists have coined new terms for those of impure heart – “science deniers” and most recently “climate deniers”. Doesn’t get much worse than this. After all, to deny science is to embrace irrationality, therefore anyone who does not believe in the fable of impending climate doom is acting irrationally.

But I have never encountered anyone, no matter how irrational, who denies the earth has a climate. I do not deny the earth’s climate. I affirm its existence. And for the record, I am convinced that the climate has changed, and will continue to change, as time marches inexorably onward. I deny neither science, nor climate, nor climate’s change. It’s the Armageddon part of the fable that I’m not so sure about.

Besides, to believe that 7.4 billion humans can conspire together to effectively engineer our climate in some predictive, beneficial way is hopelessly misguided, or willfully naive.


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